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Hereditary Cancer Features

GenPath Oncology, a division of BioReference Laboratories, is a leading expert in cancer diagnostics. GenPath offers a comprehensive test portfolio to provide a single-source solution laboratory to support the needs of healthcare providers and patients across all stages of cancer. Backed by a team of specialized board-certified pathologists, GenPath delivers a wide range of diagnostic oncology solutions, from routine clinical and special coagulation testing, to complex genomic testing for tumor sequencing and hereditary cancer syndromes.

GenPath, in collaboration with GeneDx, has run hundreds of thousands hereditary cancer tests to date. Since the beginning, our philosophy has been to provide tests that are in line with national guidelines. This maximizes the potential for actionable patient findings while minimizing the potential for uninformative results.

Hereditary cancer testing can provide patients:

  • Personalized risk information for developing certain cancers
  • Determine medical management such as increased screenings or surgical intervention
  • Tailor targeted cancer treatments, such as the use of immunotherapies or PARP inhibitors
  • Information of potential risk for family members

Key Advantages

High clinical utility

GenPath offers a variety of testing options from single variant assays to comprehensive cancer panels that cover multiple cancer types. Our guideline driven testing uses a reflexive approach for the most likely causes of hereditary cancer first before expanding to additional genes.

Easy sample collection

Samples can be collected in office either in lavender top (EDTA) tubes or through a cheek swab.

Should a patient have had an allogenic bone marrow or stem cell transplant, DNA from cultured skin fibroblasts is required. For patients with clinically active hematological disease DNA from cultured skin fibroblasts is recommended. GenPath and GeneDx are able to culture fibroblasts in house and skin punch biopsy kits are available by contacting customer service at

Patient friendly billing policy

Hereditary cancer genetic testing is generally covered by insurance when patients meet criteria for testing. Our reflex testing ensures that your patient pays only for the testing they need.

Genetic counseling support

Through our preferred partner MyGeneTeam, healthcare providers can incorporate comprehensive genetic counseling services into their practice.

MyGeneTeam, LLC, a GenPath Diagnostics preferred partner, allows healthcare providers to incorporate comprehensive genetic counseling services into their practice.

  • Experienced, board-certified and licensed genetic counselors
  • Flexible, phone or video appointments (including evenings and weekends)
  • Benefits investigation & prior authorization completed when applicable

Online Hereditary Cancer Assessment

MyGeneticsTree provides an easy online assessment that helps your practice screen patients to determine who may be at risk for having a higher risk of cancer from a hereditary cancer syndrome.

  • Family & personal history data is entered by the patient prior or during the office visit
  • Output includes assessment of patient & family history to determine lifetime risk for developing cancer & eligibility for genetic testing
  • Customizations available, such as a co-branded website for seamless family history gathering, risk assessment, and genetic testing screening for your practice