ONKORISKTM Specimen Requirements

GenPath® only accepts blood specimens for OnkoRisk at this time.

Volume: One EDTA (lavender top) tube containing 2-5 mL whole sterile blood. Several tests usually can be performed on one 3 mL blood specimen. 3-5 mL is the preferred volume for adults.

Stability: Can be refrigerated up for 7 days before shipping. Blood specimens older than 7 days can still be shipped; they will be tested if the yield and quality of DNA permit.

Rejection: Blood specimens will be rejected if frozen, hemolyzed, or clotted.

Shipping: Ideal handling is to ship immediately at ambient temperature for overnight delivery with arrival Monday-Saturday. Specimens can be refrigerated for 7 days before shipping. In hot weather a cool pack can be enclosed.

GenPath provides OnkoRisk specimen collection boxes. If you are a GenPath client and want to receive the box(es), please get in touch with your Account Executive or call GenPath Customer Service at 1-800-627-1479.