Pathology Testing

GenPath is uniquely positioned to perform all commonly ordered testing to assist in the diagnosis and management of cancer patients, from routine clinical to complex genomic testing. Consolidating testing in one laboratory facilitates the logistics of specimen handling, results in faster turnaround times, and provides a comprehensive view of the patient’s disease.

GenPath employs specialized pathologists in the fields of gastroenterology, genitourinary, surgical pathology, hematopathology, dermatopathology, and cytology.

Tests Offered By Laboratory Type

GenPath can serve as your one-source solution laboratory to support healthcare providers and cancer patients’ needs.

Pathology LaboratoriesGenetics LaboratoriesGenPath
Flow CytometryFlow Cytometry*
Molecular TestingMolecular Testing
Tumor SequencingTumor SequencingTumor Sequencing
Hereditary CancersHereditary Cancers
Clinical Testing
Special Coagulation*

*Testing is also performed as a TC/PC split through Stormpath to collaborate with hospitals and pathologists.