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Hereditary Cancer Testing

In collaboration with GeneDx, GenPath Oncology offers a comprehensive menu of panels that test key genes associated with increased susceptibility to many cancers.

GeneDx offers high quality testing with thorough analysis and advanced detection for complex variants.

GeneDx is a pioneer in genetic testing with over 20 years of expertise

With hundreds of genetic counselors, MD/PhD scientists, and clinical and molecular genomics specialists on staff, GeneDx is the industry’s genetic testing expert. GenPath and GeneDx share the same goals for healthcare providers, patients, and families: to provide clear, accurate, and meaningful answers you can trust.

From sequencing to reporting and beyond, our technical and clinical experts are providing guidance every step of the way. To speak with a genetic counselor specialized in hereditary cancer, email us at or call customer service at (800) 627-1479.

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*Testing includes sequencing and deletion duplication for all genes except CEBPA (seq only), EPCAM (del/dup only), MITF (evaluation of c.952G>A only), and SCG5/GREM1 (del/dup only).