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OnkoSight AdvancedTM Features

OnkoSight AdvancedTM Next-generation Sequencing is capable of empowering physicians with advanced genetic sequencing to improve cancer patient management.

OnkoSight AdvancedTM informs all clinically relevant aspects of routine oncology practice:

  • Accurate Diagnoses
  • Helps stratify patients into different risk groups
  • Tailors targeted treatment strategies


High Clinical Utility

OnkoSight AdvancedTM NGS panels are actionable, targeted, and tumor-type specific. It includes all gene mutations with clear therapeutic, diagnostic, or prognostic guidelines and those with established disease-associations for which there are clinical trial options.

Industry-leading TATs

< 7-10 days.

Minimal DNA Input Requirement as low as 20ng

The DNA input requirement for OnkoSight AdvancedTM is approximately half that of other commercially available NGS assays employing similar hybrid capture NGS technology. OnkoSight AdvancedTM NGS utilize unique molecular indices to reduce sequencing error rates by up to 10-20 fold, even among heavily deaminated, low quality FFPE biopsy specimens.


Optimize efficiency and provide significant cost saving over competitive products.

Customized NGS Reporting

Clinicopathologic data is routinely factored into final interpretations for all detected variants, providing tailored, patient-specific reports. Detected variants are classified and reported in accordance with AMP/ASCO/CAP recommendations.

OnkoSight Advanced Sample Report

Technical Specifications:

Limit of Detection4% variant allele frequency for SNVs and small indels
Preferred FFPE DNA Input40ng DNA
Panel Size1.94 Megabases