OnkoSight AdvancedTM for Chronic Lymphoid Neoplasms

In Chronic Lymphoid Neoplasms, next-generation sequencing (NGS) has become a sensitive, resource-efficient technique for routine screening of gene mutations.

OnkoSight AdvancedTM NGS panels aim to offer new perspectives for better refinement of risk stratification that could be of help in the clinical management of patients.

OnkoSight Advanced offers simultaneous detection of somatic gene mutations and genome-wide copy number alterations (CNAs), ranging from single-gene changes to entire chromosome aberrations. The panel component has been optimized to detect potentially actionable mutations that are directly relevant to routine clinical laboratory evaluation of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia/Small lymphocytic lymphoma (CLL/ SLL), Lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma (LPL)/Waldenstrom Macroglobulinema, T-cell lymphomas including T-cell large granular lymphocytic leukemia (T-LGLL), and Diffuse Large B-cell Lymphomas, among others.

Test Information

TH55-7 (PB/BM)
TJ93-4 (FFPE)


*The Cancer Genomics Laboratory at GenPath® will require samples with >50% tumor burden to run the copy number alteration algorithm. Normal findings will not be reported. The Genome-wide Distribution of CNV and SNV sections in CLL and Multiple Myeloma reports will appear only when an alteration is detected. Visit OSA Virtual Karyotyping in CLL and MM to learn more.

Specimen Requirements

OnkoSight Advanced for Chronic Lymphoid Neoplasms is validated in both FFPE and PB/BM specimens.

For chronic lymphoid leukemias: Lavender top EDTA or green top sodium heparinized peripheral blood or marrow aspirate samples are acceptable.

  • 10-15 ml preferred, minimum 0.5 ml acceptable.

For tissue-based lymphomas: FFPE specimens (needle core or excisional biopsies) are acceptable.

GenPath also offers singe-gene testing. Healthcare providers should only panels if each test in the panel is medically necessary.

Download a sample report here.