4kscore® Test

GenPath is pleased to offer 4Kscore®, a diagnostic blood test for accurately identifying the risk of aggressive prostate cancer. The 4Kscore® test can help distinguish whether a patient has a low risk of having aggressive prostate cancer upon biopsy versus a high risk, helping to avoid unnecessary biopsies and overtreatment of indolent disease.

The 4Kscore® test uses a clinically validated algorithm that combines biomarker data with clinical information (age, prior biopsy history, and, DRE) to determine a patient’s personalized risk for aggressive prostate cancer upon biopsy. The 4Kscore® test is included in prostate cancer early detection guidelines as a follow-up test to help improve the specificity of PSA screening and should be used in an overall evaluation to determine prostate cancer risk.

The 4Kscore® Test:

  • Allows for improved decision making between healthcare provider and patient and the development of a personalized treatment plan
  • Reduces avoidable biopsies and overtreatment of indolent prostate cancer, producing savings for the healthcare system and minimizing the risk to patients
  • Prompts early intervention in patients who would most benefit from timely diagnosis and treatment

See additional information on the 4Kscore® test, including brochures, patient guides, specimen requirements, report samples, and billing information by clicking the link below. You will be taken to the 4Kscore® website.