Hereditary Cancer Testing

GenPath offers a comprehensive test portfolio to provide a single-source solution laboratory for healthcare providers and cancer patients’ needs. Backed by a team of specialized board-certified pathologists, GenPath Oncology delivers a wide range of diagnostic oncology solutions, from routine clinical and special coagulation testing to complex genomic testing for tumor sequencing, and hereditary cancer syndromes.

Our Hereditary Cancer Program Advantages Include:

  • Access to genetic counseling support
  • Patient-friendly billing policies
  • Patient education materials
  • Easy specimen collection options.

Benefits of Genetic Testing for Hereditary Cancer

  • Customize targeted treatment such as the use of PARP inhibitors in HRRm patients
  • Determine patient risk for recurrent, aggressive, or other genetically related cancers
  • Direct management changes such as increased screening or surgical intervention
  • Help assess risk of developing cancer for the patient’s family members
  • Determine patient eligibility for clinical trials for gene variants in BRCA1, ATM, and many others
GenPath also offers a helpful tool to assess your potential need for hereditary cancer testing called MyGeneticsTree. In as little as 15 minutes, you can learn whether hereditary cancer testing could benefit you. To learn more about MyGeneticsTree, click HERE