Genetic Counseling Support

Genetic education and counseling are a valuable part of patient care, but can be difficult to balance against other medical needs. GenPath®’s new OnkoRiskTM Hereditary Cancer Program brings supportive genetic education and counseling directly to your patients.

Simply add the counseling codes for OnkoRisk pre-test genetic counseling (TQ06-1) and/or OnkoRisk post-test genetic counseling (TQ07-9) when sending your patient’s sample and OnkoRisk test order to GenPath.

Once received, patients will be emailed a link where they can benefit from educational videos, knowledge check-in quizzes, and genetic counseling resources from the comfort of their homes. Patients will be contacted to schedule a genetic counseling appointment when their insurance requires it or when they receive an uncertain or positive result.

Please note that by adding pre-test and/or post-test counseling to your test order, the ordering provider authorizes GenPath to:

  • Provide the patient’s genetic counseling summary (including medical and family history information) and insurance information/authorization to the designated performing laboratory, as this information is medically necessary for diagnosis, treatment, testing, and payment purposes.
  • The patient/patient’s representative has further consented to be contacted via phone or email for purposes of scheduling a genetic counseling appointment. The patient (or the patient’s representative) has the right to revoke this consent.