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MPN Cascade Sequencing

In order to optimize ease of use, timely results, and streamline laboratory testing in the diagnostic workup of patients with suspected myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN), GenPath Oncology now offers MPN Cascade Sequencing.

Advantages of MPN Cascade Sequencing:

Ease of Ordering

A single test order provides analysis of the main driver mutations in MPN and selection of suitable JAK2 inhibitor therapy.

More Timely Medical Information

Rather than submitting multiple samples for successive gene testing, analysis of the mutations that drive the development of an MPN phenotype are provided from a single sample.


The cascade only tests successive genes until a mutation is found. No additional testing is performed once a mutation is found and only those tested are billed.

Gene Content is Guideline Driven

NCCN recommends specific genes as part of an initial workup for all patients suspected for MPN, which includes JAK2 (V617F and exon 12), CALR, and MPL. In accordance with NCCN, MPN cascade will analyze these genes in a serial fashion until a mutation is found.

Improved Sensitivity

Since MPL is now done by NGS instead of Sanger Sequencing, analytic sensitivity is more robust and decreased from 15-20% to as low as 4% mutant allele frequency.

MPN Cascade Sequencing is analyzed and reported in a serial fashion until a mutation is found:

The following genomic loci are interrogated: JAK2 (exon 12 and V617F), CALR (exon 9, inclusive of type 1 and type 2 mutations, among others), MPL (exon 10, codons 505 and 515).

Test Information:

NCCN Guidelines Version 3.2019 Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.