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Genetic Counseling Support

Genetic counseling plays a significant role in the success of a prenatal testing program. The demand for genetic counseling and the need for support in understanding the risk for genetic disorders will continue to increase as more genetic tests become available. GenPath has a preferred agreement with MyGeneTeam to help our clients provide patients with positive outcomes. The goal of this collaboration is to better serve patients by improving access to genetic counseling services where they are otherwise unavailable, upon referral by healthcare providers. MyGeneTeam includes over thirty board-certified/eligible genetic counselors with broad expertise and experience in clinical genetics. In addition, MyGeneTeam is able to provide support and expertise in areas such as provider consultation, test utilization management and variant interpretation.

Every patient that receives reproductive genetic testing from GenPath has the option of scheduling an in-depth counseling session with a MyGeneTeam genetic counselor who will:

  • Further explain the patient’s genetic risks
  • Help clarify what test results may mean for the patient and her family
  • Provide individualized follow-up recommendations based on test results, medical history, and family history information
  • Provide psychosocial support and resources such as literature and support group information

Please visit to learn more about their services. Information about local genetic counseling services is also available at