Hereditary Cancer Testing

Through GenPath’s collaboration with its sister division GeneDx, a world renown genetics laboratory, we can now offer Hereditary Cancer testing. Through our state-of-the art Hereditary Cancer Testing Program, we can offer comprehensive genetic testing, outstanding service, as well as in-depth patient support. Our mission is to make clinical testing available to people with rare genetic conditions and their families. Over the past ten years, research has identified many genes associated with hereditary cancers. Some of these genes play a role in more than one type of cancer, and in most types of cancer several genes can cause the cancer. GenPath offers panels to facilitate testing of all the important genes associated with hereditary cancers. This approach provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for identifying the genetic basis of hereditary cancer. Please click here to visit our GeneDx site to learn more about hereditary cancers.

Share and discuss our patient video “Is Genetic Testing For Hereditary Breast & Ovarian Cancer Right For You?” with your patient’s before testing to help provide clarity on the test’s utility.


MyGeneticsTree is a 3-step web-based family history tool for identifying patients who meet criteria for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer testing. MyGeneticsTree makes the process of genetic testing easier for patients and their healthcare providers.


The 3 steps included in MyGeneticsTree are:

Create an Account
Add Family History
Generate Personalized Packet for Next Steps

To take the assessment, click here or visit