The Pan-Ethnic Carrier Tests from GenPath
InheriGen, InheriGen Plus, and InheriGenTx
InheriGen is the result of combining elaborate research, genetic expertise, and the latest technological innovations to provide the most comprehensive, and clinically relevant pan-ethnic carrier screening test. InheriGen tests for 164 autosomal recessive and X-linked inherited diseases, including Ashkenazi Jewish Diseases. InheriGen Plus includes these 164 diseases and also screens for Fragile X, Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Cystic Fibrosis carrier status. InheriGenTx tests for 67 autosomal recessive and X-linked inherited diseases in which clinically managed treatment can significantly improve quality of life – including dietary control, medications, and transfusions or transplants.

Our Result Reports Inspire Confidence
InheriGen reports are interactive, patient-friendly reports featuring links to videos describing disease information. Our residual risk information is more accurate based on extensive evaluation and literature review.
Specimen Collection
InheriGen can be performed either from a tube of blood or a saliva kit.

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Prevention… …
InheriGen tests for over 160 disorders inherited in an autosomal recessive manner (some X-linked) that are mostly severe, childhood onset diseases. It includes mutations chosen based on current ACMG and ACOG* recommendations as well as hundreds of mutations selected through careful review of scientific literature and evaluation of clinical utility.*Note: ACOG and ACMG are not associated with, sponsored by or has endorsed our genetic screening
Preparation… …
InheriGen helps determine carrier risk for disorders that can be managed through lifestyle changes during pregnancy, medical intervention in utero or at birth, or through other therapeutic approaches. For some disorders, treatment may significantly reduce or eliminate the effects of the condition.
Informed Decisions… …
Although there is no cure for the disorders on the panel, knowing about one’s risk of having a child with an inherited condition can be useful for patients who are pregnant or for couples planning a pregnancy. Our genetic counselors and board-certified geneticists will guide you through testing options to determine the best course of action for your patients.

We Provide Patient Education
In addition to videos describing diseases, we offer pre and post test counseling videos for your patients that they may view in your office or in the privacy of their own homes. Our patient brochures are detailed and can answer most of your patient’s questions.

We Offer Genetic Counseling Support
Educating patients on their carrier testing results is made easier with access to GenPath genetic counselors. Through video calling, GenPath genetic counselors can securely and privately counsel your patients in their own homes or at any of THE LABORATORY patient service center equipped with video calling.

InheriGen is Offered at an Affordable Price
For less than the price of one traditional genetic test, InheriGen provides a more comprehensive genetic screen.

Partner Screening is Available and Recommended
Carrier Screening is recommended for the reproductive partner of an individual who is determined to be a carrier for an autosomal recessive disorder on the InheriGen panel. GenPath offers mutation analysis via InheriGen or full gene sequencing for approximately 70 disorders on the panel. Genetic counselors are available to discuss the best method of carrier screening for a specific reproductive couple. To order InheriGen or Partner Screening, click here.

GenPath is a Full Service Women’s Health Laboratory
We offer prenatal diagnostic testing services so there is no gap in patient care and management. From Maternal Serum Screening to Reproductive Genetics, from Pregnancy Thrombophilia to Infectious Disease testing, from esoteric to routine testing, GenPath is your one stop shop for all your laboratory needs. As a national women’s health laboratory, we are contracted with most major insurances.

InheriGen is intended for an individual at a reproductive age as a preconception or prenatal screen to determine if he/she carries one or more mutations for inherited diseases
For patients who want the most information about their risks, InheriGen provides the most comprehensive testing of genetic diseases.
For couples who are at an increased risk for offspring with an autosomal recessive condition, such as couples who are related to each other by blood, InheriGen can detect rare diseases that may not have manifested for generations.
For patients belonging to an ethnic group with a higher incidence of certain genetic conditions, InheriGen reports risk for diseases in various ethnic groups.
For patients who are unsure of their ethnicity or biological background (adoption or intermarriage), InheriGen covers diseases for almost all ethnicities.