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At GenPath, we understand that people affected by different conditions may need resources for information, community support, and more. The following resources can help support patients and their families on their diagnostic journey:

Urological Health

Prostate Health

Sexual Health

Hereditary Cancers

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Other Resources


To help you and your healthcare provider determine if genetic testing may be appropriate, GenPath has created, a simple web-based program that allows you to input information about your family history to determine if you meet the proper criteria for genetic testing in as little as 15 minutes. If you have a family history of cancer, you may find that MyGeneticsTree is an invaluable resource. To learn more about MyGeneticsTree, click HERE.


Genetic counselors are healthcare professionals who have specialized education in medical genetics and counseling. GenPath has a preferred agreement with MyGeneTeam, and is staffed by board-eligible or board-certified genetic counselors who can speak to you about your family history and if hereditary cancer testing could benefit you. MyGeneTeam genetic counselors offer flexible appointment schedules via phone or online video conferencing and specialize in many different areas. To learn more about MyGeneTeam, click HERE.