Our Companies

GenPath is a Division of BioReference Laboratories, a Subsidiary of OPKO Health.

The diversified brands at BioReference Laboratories have been designed to address the unique needs of healthcare providers in specialty markets, including oncology, urology, women’s health, maternal-fetal medicine, and genetics. Brands include:

  • BioReference Laboratories provides comprehensive testing to physicians, clinics, hospitals, employers, government units, correctional institutions and medical groups. The company is in network with the five largest health plans in the United States, operates a network of 10 laboratory locations, and is backed by a medical staff of more than 140 MD, PhD and other professional level clinicians and scientists.
  • GenPath Oncology, founded at BioReference in 2000, provides expertise in cancer diagnostics and offer a comprehensive cancer patient workup from one laboratory. From routine clinical and special coagulation testing to complex genomic testing for tumor sequencing and hereditary cancer syndromes, GenPath offers oncologists a variety of diagnostic solutions.
  • GenPath Urology is a specialty division that offers comprehensive tests and services to help diagnose and manage even the most difficult urologic cases. GenPath is pleased to offer 4Kscore®, a blood test that combines four prostate-specific biomarkers with clinical information to provide a male patient with an accurate and personalized measure of his risk for aggressive prostate cancer.
  • GenPath Women’s Health is a specialty division offering a complete menu of tests for OB-GYN and women’s health providers. Since its inception in 2005, GenPath Women’s Health has risen to become one of the premier specialty labs in the country, including its development of an innovative technology platform for sexually transmitted and other vaginal infections, pan-ethnic carrier testing, hereditary cancer testing, and maternal risk assessment and prenatal diagnosis.
  • GeneDx is a world renowned genetic testing laboratory founded in 2000 by scientists from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to address the needs of patients and clinicians concerned with rare inherited disorders. GeneDx currently offers testing for thousands of genetic conditions, using a variety of cutting-edge sequencing and other methods. GeneDx also offers whole exome and genome sequencing, oligonucleotide microarray-based testing for detecting chromosomal abnormalities, and next-generation sequencing gene panels for testing various forms of inherited cancers, inherited cardiac disorders, metabolic disorders, mitochondrial disorders, neurological disorders, and many other conditions.
  • Laboratorio Buena Salud, launched in 2012, is the first nationwide full-service laboratory division dedicated exclusively to Spanish-speaking providers and patients. It was developed to improve access to care and quality of care by assisting physicians who treat patients in predominantly Hispanic communities. The lab ushers in a new level of service to a traditionally underserved segment of the country’s population, where disparities in healthcare persist for those who do not speak proficient English.

About OPKO Health

At OPKO Health, the entrepreneurial acumen of founder and CEO, Dr. Phillip Frost, has led to the development of a diverse healthcare company, flexible enough to adapt to evolving patient needs. OPKO is proud of its first in class products, Rayaldee® and 4Kscore® , as well as its diagnostics divisions, BioReference Laboratories and GeneDx. In addition to clinical products and diagnostics, OPKO has a robust research and development pipeline and a variety of biomedical and pharmaceutical business solutions. Learn more at https://www.opko.com.