Our Companies

BioReference Health®, LLC  looks at providing laboratory services through the eyes of the customer. Our specialized brands and products are best-in-class, and designed with service, science, and innovation in mind.

GenPath Oncology LogoGenPath® Oncology offers a comprehensive portfolio to support the continuum of care of cancer patients – from risk assessment to treatment planning. Backed by a team of specialized pathologists, GenPath Oncology delivers cutting-edge solutions that meet the unique needs of oncologists and pathologists, ranging from routine clinical and special coagulation to complex genomic testing for tumor sequencing and hereditary cancer syndromes.

GenPath Urology LogoGenPath® Urology provides cutting-edge Uropatholgy, including the proprietary prostate cancer biomarker test, The 4Kscore Test®. As a follow-up to a suspicious PSA test or DRE, The 4Kscore Test helps clarify the biopsy decision-making process by determining a patient-specific probability for finding aggressive prostate cancer on biopsy.

GenPath Women's Health LogoGenPath® Women’s Health provides end-to-end laboratory solutions for all women for every stage in their life. With an evidence-based portfolio designed for OBGYNs, MFMs and women’s healthcare providers, GenPath Women’s Health is pleased to offer testing for cervical and vaginal health, reproductive health, and hereditary cancer screening.