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A587 : Karyotype CVS

Test Code Test Name
A587-8 Karyotype CVS
Alternate Name Chromosome Analysis, CVS
Clinical Utility For prenatal diagnostic samples: Fetal abnormalities detected by ultrasound, abnormal maternal serum screening test result, advanced maternal age, family history of chromosome abnormality, abnormal aCGH result requiring chromosome analysis for clarification, recurrent spontaneous abortions. Fetal tissue obtained after a miscarriage (products of conception) can also be submitted for chromosome analysis and/or aCGH.
For peripheral blood samples: Multiple congenital abnormalities with or without mental retardation/developmental delay; family history of chromosome abnormality; infertility; short stature; recurrent spontaneous abortions. Sometimes a skin or tissue biopsy may be used to provide material for chromosome analysis.
Methodology Chromosome Analysis
Turnaround Time 7-14 days
Preferred Specimen 20 mg Chorinic Villi
Collection Instructions CVS specimen should be collected in a sterile, screw-top container with tissue cultture transport medium (available upon Request). If transport medium is not avail., plain RPMI, Hanks solution or saline can be used
Specimen Comment Submit tissue in lab- supplied screw-top tube containing trasnport med.
Storage Instruction Room Temp
CPT Codes 88235 (1), 88261 (1), 88267 (1)
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