BioReference Selected for Renewal in the UnitedHealthcare® Preferred Laboratory Network

BioReference Laboratories Inc., and its subsidiaries and divisions, are pleased to announce they have been selected for renewal in the UnitedHealthcare® Preferred Laboratory Network for the third year, effective July 1, 2021.

The UnitedHealthcare Preferred Laboratory Network distinction means UnitedHealthcare members receive more from their laboratory. As participating providers, BioReference and division GenPath, are proud to offer easy-to-use digital solutions and diagnostic tools that empower confident healthcare decisions.

High Quality Experiences

By choosing BioReference and GenPath patients will be provided with access to:

  • Patient Portal: HIPAA-compliant Patient Portal gives patients direct access to their laboratory test results so that they can remain engaged in healthcare decisions and treatment options online.
  • Patient Service Centers: Robust nationwide infrastructure and network of patient specimen collection locations with short wait times and availability for online scheduling.

Healthier Outcomes

By choosing BioReference and GenPath healthcare providers are able to deliver care that places a greater emphasis on healthier patient outcomes through:

  • InsightDx: HIPAA-compliant connectivity solution for electronic ordering and reporting that streamlines office workflow.
  • GlobalCare Index: Use of laboratory data to help ensure consistent care and improve patient management through enhanced analytics and metrics.

Affordable Care

By choosing BioReference | GenPath, patients will have more affordable care, lower out-of-pocket testing costs, and receive the benefits of:

  • Cost Estimator: Price transparency with an online cost estimator tool to receive out-of-pocket expenses prior to care.

When choosing where to go for laboratory testing, healthcare providers and patients can be confident they’re receiving high quality experiences, healthier outcomes and affordable care from a trusted laboratory. Click here to learn more.

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