BioReference and GenPath Support Man Cave Health During National Men’s Health Month

Complimentary PSA Testing Provided to Participants of Annual Golf Tournament

ELMWOOD PARK, N.J., June 7 – BioReference Laboratories, Inc., along with its specialty oncology and urology division, GenPath, announce today their support of Man Cave Health’s upcoming charity golf tournament for Men’s Health Month, observed annually in the United States during the month of June. The event will take place on Monday, June 10, 2019 at the Fresh Meadow Country Club in Lake Success, New York. BRL and GenPath will participate in the event by offering complimentary, on-site Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) testing to all participants.

A PSA blood test is standard of care for prostate cancer screening, a critical first step in the identification and diagnosis of prostate cancer, with most national guidelines recommending testing for men between the ages of 45 and 75. Men in higher risk categories, including African Americans and those with a family history of the disease, should consult with their physicians about screening recommendations.

“Total PSA is typically elevated in patients with prostate cancer; however, an elevated PSA is nonspecific and may be seen in a number of non-cancerous conditions such as an enlarged prostate and prostatitis, which do not merit a biopsy or treatment,” said James Weisberger, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of BioReference Laboratories. “Patients with an elevated PSA or other risk factors, such as a positive Digital Rectal Exam, may be a candidate for the 4Kscore Test, a blood test providing a man his personalized risk of finding aggressive prostate cancer if a biopsy were to be performed. The 4Kscore Test provides a more accurate assessment of aggressive prostate cancer risk, allowing healthcare providers to more confidently manage low risk patients, and consider prostate biopsy and other follow-up in higher risk men.”

Man Cave Health was launched in 2018, by the Milana Family Foundation. Its mission is to drive a robust conversation about men’s health, including preventive care, between men and their families and most importantly, their physicians. By providing free PSA screening, a critical first step in the identification and diagnosis of prostate cancer, BRL and its GenPath division are directly contributing to the success of Man Cave’s mission.

PSA and 4Kscore testing are available at BioReference through its specialty oncology and urology division, GenPath. For more information about the 4Kscore test, please visit

For more information about Men’s Health Month, please visit

About the 4Kscore Test

The 4Kscore is a blood test that provides a personalized risk assessment of finding aggressive prostate cancer if a biopsy were to be performed. The 4Kscore Test includes the measurements of four prostate specific biomarkers along with clinical information, and can be used in men who have never had a prostate biopsy or men with prior negative biopsy results. Providing the risk of aggressive cancer after an abnormal PSA or DRE, 4Kscore data helps doctors and patients avoid prostate biopsies in low risk men, while identifying men at high risk for an aggressive form of prostate cancer for further work up. For more information, please visit

About Man Cave Health

The Milana Family Foundation launched its newest initiative, Man Cave Health, in 2018. Driven by the notion that “men take better care of their cars than they do their bodies,” its purpose is to educate men about prostate health and encourage men to be more proactive in sharing health concerns with their providers. This initiative began after Thomas Milana, Jr. was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and in navigating his way from diagnosis back to wellness, increasingly saw the need for more discussion around men’s health issues. For more information about Man Cave Health and The Milana Family Foundation, please visit

About BioReference Laboratories, Inc.

BioReference provides comprehensive testing to physicians, clinics, hospitals, employers, government units, correctional institutions and medical groups. The company is in network with the five largest health plans in the United States, operates a network of 11 laboratory locations, and is backed by a medical staff of more than 160 MD, PhD and other professional level clinicians and scientists. With a leading position in the areas of genetics, women’s health, maternal fetal medicine, oncology and urology, BioReference and its specialty laboratories, GenPath and GeneDx, are advancing the course of modern medicine. For more information, visit

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