95% of women who test positive for High Risk HPV will not progress to Cervical Cancer. GenCerv can help you identify the 5% who will.

GenCerv is a more accurate Cervical Cancer Screening Tool
Differentiate benign HPV infection from precancerous lesions
Higher specificity and positive predictive value than HPV DNA

Decreases false positives from current cervical cancer screening     standards

The positive predictive value of HPV E6, E7 mRNA quantification in cells for CIN2+ was 78% which was greater than HPV DNA alone (43%). The specificity of HPV E6, E7 mRNA quantification was 96% based on normal cytology compared to 82% for HC2 while the specificity of HPV E6, E7 mRNA quantification based on CIN 2− histology was 85% compared to 35% for HC2.

Gynecologic Oncology, 2011.

The mechanism of carcinogenesis, regardless of the HPV type, involves the up-regulation of E6 and E7 HPV gene products.   The functional inactivation of pRB and p53 by the HPV oncoproteins E7 and E6, respectively, are important steps in cervical carcinogenesis.   In precancerous lesions, E6 and E7 proteins are expressed at much higher levels than found in benign lesions. Using cutting-edge technology, GenCerv is able to detect and quantify the expression of E6 and E7, to accurately predict cervical cancer progression.

Figure 2 – HPV Carcinogenesis

Clinical Indications – GenCerv is most appropriate when used as:

Reflex when NILM with HPV HR Non-16/18 Positive
Reflex when NILM with HPV HR (no genotyping)

GenCerv additionally offers:

Simplicity of Collection – Uses the same liquid based pap vial
Integrated report – Reported on the same Cytology and HPV report
Practice Management – Included in Pap Summary Reports