Complete Urology Services

GenPath, a division of BioReference Laboratories, Inc., is a complete pathology laboratory that employs over 40 specialized pathologists in multiple pathology disciplines, including genitourinary. As a physician-led laboratory, GenPath Oncology is putting a white coat on the diagnostics business and changing the standard of cancer care. Combining our pathology expertise with a full-service clinical test menu allows GenPath to provide your urology practice with a comprehensive test and service offering.

GenPath Urology

Advantages of GenPath’s Urology Services:






Urology expertise

As a complete pathology laboratory, BioReference Laboratories, Inc.’s GenPath division   employs pathologists who have subspecialized in multiple pathology disciplines. GenPath currently employs three pathologists who have completed fellowships in urologic pathology.

Genitourinary pathology fellowship-trained pathologists Richard Roberts, MD, PhD Fang Wen, MD, PhD Jeffrey Brown, MD
Previous experience at leading urology-specialty laboratories
Collaborative case reviews with second opinions readily available
Pathologists always available for patient cases consults

4Kscore® Test

For men who fall within the guidelines for 4Kscore® Test, this blood test combines four prostate-specific biomarkers with clinical information to accurately:

Provide a man’s personalized risk for aggressive prostate cancer
Predict the likelihood of distant metastases within the next 10 years


Pathology and genetic testing

GenPath provides a comprehensive pathology and hereditary cancer genetic test menu for urology practices. Utilizing advanced in-house testing, our experts are able to work-up and diagnose even the most difficult urologic cases. A sample of our test offering is listed below:

Prostate, Bladder, Testis, Renal Mass, and Skin Biopsies
200+ IHC stains including prostate cancer triple stain (CK903, p504S, p63), PSA, PSMA, NKX3.1, and AR
Urine Cytology

Clinical testing

A complete list of routine clinical tests can be found at www.bioreference.com and important urology clinical tests include:

Prostate Health: 4Kscore Test, PSA Testing
Stone Analysis: Kidney Stone Analysis, 24-Hour Stone Risk Profile
Sexual Health: STI Urine Profiles for males and females
General Health: Urinalysis, Urine Culture, Testosterone, BUN, etc

Connectivity solution

STORMPATH™ STORMPATH™ provides pathologists a comprehensive software solution to assist with the reporting of their professional interpretations of esoteric testing.

STORMPATH™ was designed from the perspective of a pathologist, either community or university based, by providing a complete, yet easy-to-use application for ordering, analyzing, and reporting patient results
Urologic case workups performed via StormPath™: surgical biopsies, IHC stains, urine cytology, PTEN by FISH, and UroVysion