STORMPATH is GenPath’s remote pathology solution: a proprietary web-based system for completing the professional component of esoteric testing. STORMPATH was designed from the perspective of a pathologist and provides a complete, yet easy-to-use interface for ordering, analyzing, and reporting patient test results.

Feel secure about your results. All testing through STORMPATH is fully validated at our CLIA and CAP certified laboratory to ensure you interpret with accuracy and completeness.

Our testing menu is extensive and unmatched, providing testing options that meet the needs of most pathologists. The below testing methodologies are available through STORMPATH:

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FISH Button
Over 20 FISH probes, in both hematologic malignancies and solid tumors, are available for interpretation through STORMPATH.


Flow Button
Through our flow cytometry offering, we provide all cytograms for a specimen in addition to a summary table of important cellular parameters. Through real-time remote re-gating, you can interact with and control the specimen analysis.


IHC Button
GenPath’s antibody library contains hundreds of IHC stains, all of which can be digitally imaged and viewed through STORMPATH.


Breast IHC Button
STORMPATH utilizes Ventana’s FDA cleared algorithm for quantification of breast tumor prognostic IHC stains, standardizing the scoring of ER, PR, HER2, Ki-67, and p53.


Biopsy Button
Our surgical pathology module is used for preparing pathology reports. GenPath will complete the technical component and then return any ordered slides and stains for analysis. All types of surgical pathology specimens are accepted.


Cytology Button
Abnormal Pap screens can be analyzed and a comprehensive report with all gynecologic tests ordered for that patient can be signed out in STORMPATH, allowing pathologists to serve their GYN community.


UroVysion Button
Studies have shown that urine cytology alone has limitations for detecting bladder cancer and that analysis for chromosomal aneuploidy can improve detection. UroVysion is FDA-approved for use on patients with hematuria suspected of bladder cancer.